May 30 2014 New FastTrack Website Focuses on Music Creators, Publishers, Digital Distributors and Broadcasters
May 30 2014 Songwriter Equity Act Gaining Attention in House
May 29 2014 BMI Celebrates Music for Television
May 29 2014 Songwriter Equity Act Picks Up Additional Co-Sponsor
May 28 2014 BMI Presents at Rockwood Music Hall Honors Mother’s Day
May 28 2014 BMI Affiliates on Track to Win BET Awards
May 27 2014 Songwriter Equity Act of 2014 Gains New Co-Sponsor
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May 22 2014 BMI Writers Dominate 35th Annual Blues Music Awards
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May 22 2014 Songwriter Equity Act of 2014 Continues to Pick Up Congressional Support
May 21 2014 BMI Affiliates Win Big at 2014 Billboard Music Awards
May 21 2014 Congressional Support for Songwriters Continues to Grow
May 20 2014 City of Hope Offers BMI Members 30% Off Tickets to ‘Songs of Hope X’
May 19 2014 BMI Sheds Light on Music Licensing Process at Choice Hotels Confab
May 16 2014 BMI Honors Hospitality Industry Executive for 40 Years of Dedicated Service
May 16 2014 Broadway Tribute to Legendary BMI Writers Leiber and Stoller Opens in D.C.
May 15 2014 Congress Garners Continuing Support for Songwriter Equity Act
May 15 2014 Songwriter Equity Act Finds Further Support in the House
May 15 2014 Mychael Danna and Top Composers Honored at 2014 BMI Film/TV Awards
May 14 2014 BMI and Starbucks Present San Antonio Songwriter Series
May 14 2014 Stevie Nicks and Top Songwriters Honored at 62nd Annual BMI Pop Awards
May 13 2014 Radio Executives Connect With BMI Songwriters in Key West
May 13 2014 BMI Songwriter Tom Douglas Joins Senators Alexander, Corker and Hatch in Vital Music Discussions
May 10 2014 BMI Writers Take 58% of Billboard Latin Music Awards
May 8 2014 Micah Powell Stops by BMI’s L.A. Office
May 8 2014 Lawmakers Speak Out in Support of Songwriters
May 8 2014 Support for Songwriter Equity Act Grows in Congress
May 8 2014 Songwriter Equity Act Finds More Support in the House
May 7 2014 BMI Composers and Lyricists Recognized With Daytime Emmy Nods
May 7 2014 Tonys and Drama Desk Give Major Nods to BMI Affiliates
May 7 2014 A Conversation With Richard M. Sherman
May 5 2014 The Key West Songwriters Festival is Right Around the Corner!
May 5 2014 Songwriter Equity Act Gains More Momentum
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May 1 2014 BMI at Billboard Latin Conference and Awards Week
May 1 2014 BMI Composer Christopher Tin Debuts ‘The Drop That Contained the Sea’ at Carnegie Hall