New FastTrack Website Focuses on Music Creators, Publishers, Digital Distributors and Broadcasters

Posted in News on May 30, 2014

FastTrack, the leading technical developer for the international exchange of information on music authorship and ownership, has launched a new website that will expand its audience beyond the traditional copyright organizations. The in-depth online resource is focused on delivering information critical to music creators and publishers, as well as digital distributors of music and broadcasters.

FastTrack provides a hub for the exchange of data on musical compositions and music used in film and television programs encompassing more than 80 million musical works. With a network infrastructure analogous to that used by the international banking community to speed accurate fund transfers among clients in different countries, FastTrack provides the technical backbone for the timely and efficient exchange of data on the authorship and ownership of musical works. This enables accurate and timely payment to authors for the use of their works around the world.

International royalties have become increasingly more significant for songwriters, authors and composers whose works are used globally. FastTrack’s new website provides enhanced transparency and user-friendly information about the exchange of data underlying payment for the billions of transmissions of songs and other musical works across the globe.

“FastTrack has been providing this unique technical infrastructure for the music community for 15 years,” said Michel Allain, Director General of FastTrack. “As the use of music across borders becomes ever more significant in the digital age, FastTrack now provides a mission-critical resource for copyright management organizations around the globe. Our new website will assist those organizations, as well as the millions of songwriters, composers and copyright owners they represent, to have a better understanding of the role that FastTrack plays. With this new website, we are determined to demystify a highly technical enterprise so that all interested parties, from the creative community to the distributors of music, can have a clear understanding of where FastTrack is today and where we are going.”

The new website is the centerpiece of an expanded communications agenda for FastTrack, which will encompass a new digital newsletter and social media. Explore the new site here.

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