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BMI Offers a Variety of Music Licenses for Business

Why do I need a license?

You can’t play music publicly without one. Copyright laws require music users to get permission from songwriters and composers who can charge a fee before their music is played publicly, which then allows them to continue to create music. See our video.

How do I license?

Most music users apply for a license online. Search for your business above. If online licensing is not available for your business, you can download a license or call (888) 689-5264.

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Licensing FAQ

Q: What is BMI?

Q: How can my business obtain a BMI license?

Q: What happens to the fees that businesses pay and how much profit does BMI make?

Q: What service does BMI provide to my business?

Q: How does a business owner know if they are playing BMI Music? What songs are in BMI’s repertoire?

Q: Aren’t TV, cable, and radio stations already licensed with BMI?

Q: Are the musicians, DJ’s and entertainers responsible for obtaining the necessary music licenses?

Q: Does a business need a BMI License if they only play original music?

Q: If a business has a license with another performing right organization, do they still need to license with BMI?

Q: What is a public performance of music and what is the “Performing Right”?

Q: We pay for music from a playlist on Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. Isn’t it ours to play anywhere?

Q: What service does BMI provide to businesses?

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