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Aug 14 2019 BMI’s Mike O’Neill Takes Part in Hatch Foundation Music Licensing Symposium
Jun 5 2019 BMI Responds to DOJ’s Review of BMI and ASCAP Consent Decrees
Apr 30 2019 New ‘50 States of Music’ Website Shows Economic & Cultural Impact of Recording Artists & Songwriters
Feb 28 2019 BMI President & CEO Mike O’Neill and ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews Issue Open Letter to the Industry on Consent Decree Reform
Feb 5 2019 Support the MLC to Ensure Songwriters & Music Publishers Are in Charge of Licensing Copyrights
Dec 4 2018 Nomination Period Extended For Songwriter-Member Seats of Music Licensing Collective Board/Committee
Nov 5 2018 Nomination Period Now Open for Songwriter-Member Seats of Music Licensing Collective Board/Committee
Nov 1 2018 BMI Explains What the Music Modernization Act Means for Songwriters and Composers
Nov 1 2018 Michael Collins Joins BMI as Vice President, Government Relations
Oct 11 2018 Music Modernization Act Signed Into Law
Sep 25 2018 Music Modernization Act Unanimously Passes House of Representatives
Sep 17 2018 Karen Buse Joins BMI as Managing Director, European Society Relations
Aug 23 2018 Music Modernization Act Achieves Important Milestone
Jul 24 2018 Read BMI’s Statement on the Music Modernization Act
May 17 2018 BMI Comments on Tonight’s RMLC Rate Court Filing
Mar 20 2018 DOJ Consent Decree Appeal Deadline Expires – Final Ruling Permitting Fractional Licensing Stands
Jan 26 2018 BMI, ASCAP & NAB Joint Statement on Deal Resolving Broadcast Concerns With Music Modernization Act
Jan 24 2018 Music Modernization Act Introduced in Senate
Dec 21 2017 BMI Supports Introduction of the Music Modernization Act of 2017
Dec 19 2017 BMI Wins Consent Decree Battle Over U.S. Department of Justice
Dec 1 2017 BMI Comments on Hearing Before Court of Appeals Regarding Its Consent Decree Victory Over the DOJ
Aug 17 2017 BMI Responds to DOJ’s Appeal of its Consent Decree Victory
Aug 17 2017 Q&A on The Department of Justice’s Interpretation of BMI’s Consent Decree
Jul 26 2017 BMI & ASCAP Announce Creation of New Musical Works Database
May 18 2017 BMI Responds to Department of Justice Appeal Brief
Mar 7 2017 Mechanical Rights Hearing in D.C.
Feb 2 2017 BMI Submits Comments to House Judiciary Committee Regarding Copyright Office Modernization
Dec 12 2016 Thank You for Supporting the Songwriter Equity Act
Dec 6 2016 Congressman Steve Knight Lends His Support to Songwriter Equity Act
Nov 15 2016 Ohio Congresswoman Signs On as SEA Cosponsor
Nov 11 2016 BMI Responds to DOJ Appeal of Fractional Licensing Ruling
Sep 22 2016 Songwriter Equity Act Continues to Gain Momentum in Congress
Sep 16 2016 BMI Prevails Over DOJ in Consent Decree Dispute
Aug 4 2016 BMI & ASCAP Join Forces to Fight the Department of Justice’s Interpretation of Their Consent Decrees
Aug 4 2016 Mike O’Neill Addresses BMI’s Songwriters, Composers and Publishers
Jul 27 2016 SEA Gains Support of Congressman Jim McDermott
Jul 11 2016 Mike O’Neill Updates BMI Songwriters & Composers on DOJ Issue
Jul 11 2016 Q&A (Preguntas y respuestas) del DOJ interpretación de los decretos de consentimiento de BMI
Jul 11 2016 Mike O’Neill pone al día a los compositores y editoras de BMI acerca del asunto del DOJ
Jul 1 2016 Una nota de Mike O’Neill a los compositores y editoras de BMI
Jun 30 2016 A Note From Mike O’Neill to BMI’s Songwriters, Composers & Publishers
Jun 30 2016 Mike O’Neill Responde a la Propuesta Reciente del Departamento de Justicia
Jun 30 2016 Mike O’Neill Responds to the Recent Proposal From the US Department of Justice
Jun 10 2016 Songwriter Equity Act Continues to Gain Congressional Support
Jun 1 2016 Texas Congressman Pete Sessions Lends Support to Songwriter Equity Act
May 24 2016 BMI Improves Online Repertoire Database with New Share Information and Enhanced User Experience
Jan 14 2016 Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Lends Her Support to Songwriters
Jan 4 2016 Songwriter Equity Act Gains New Support for the New Year
Dec 22 2015 BMI Signs New Licensing Agreement With Pandora; Benefits Songwriters, Composers and Publishers
Dec 17 2015 Congressman Doug Collins Speaks Up for Songwriters in Speech to House of Representatives
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