BMI’s Commitment to Change

Posted in News on June 11, 2020

There is no place for racism and social injustice in our world. BMI stands with the Black community and supports the powerful movement for change that has swept the nation. Today, BMI President & CEO Mike O’Neill held an all-employee Town Hall and outlined a series of steps the company will be taking to help drive and support diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the company and tolerance and social justice within our local communities. O’Neill spoke about the importance of taking time to make the right decisions and ensuring thoughtful, meaningful efforts that are sustainable for the long term. Below is an overview of the actionable steps BMI is taking.

Social Justice
BMI will donate $250,000 to various organizations that combat systemic racism and fight for social justice, equality and voting rights.

BMI is dedicated to devoting more than money to advance these essential causes. It is imperative that we take personal actions to help drive change. With that in mind, all BMI team members will receive four extra paid days to focus on volunteering within their local communities. The company will also establish a dedicated day of volunteering within the cities where it operates offices for BMI team members to engage in volunteer work together. 

Governance & Employees
BMI will form an internal task force to be helmed by BMI Vice President of Creative, Atlanta, Catherine Brewton, that is charged with guiding BMI in its efforts to be more inclusive and diverse as a company, while challenging the injustice and racism we see in our communities.

BMI is adding a senior level Diversity, Equality and Inclusion officer to the Executive Leadership team who will report directly to O’Neill. This position will ensure that BMI continues to foster a culture that embraces a diversity of talent values, ideas, beliefs and backgrounds. They will work closely with BMI’s Human Resources team to continue to strengthen the company’s recruiting efforts, hiring practices, advancement and training programs. They will also further BMI’s educational efforts to ensure that there is a broader understanding across the company of the concepts of equity and unconscious bias. 

Ongoing Assessment
BMI is looking closely at several specific areas of company activity to ensure that they uphold and satisfy our focus on, and commitment to, diversity, inclusion and equality. These include
the festivals BMI participates in and the lineups at those events, the diversity of the various workshops, songwriter and composer events, and song camps BMI hosts, BMI’s support of minority-owned businesses, as well as the diversity of the outside vendors used by the company.

BMI will continue to review and refine our plans as we go forward. Please continue to check and our social media platforms for updates.

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