Thank You for Supporting the Songwriter Equity Act

Posted in News on December 12, 2016

As the current 114th Congress moves towards adjournment, we want to extend a special thank you to our affiliates who cumulatively sent nearly 4,000 messages to the inboxes of 470 Members of Congress, urging their support of the Songwriter Equity Act (SEA). While the bill was not passed in this Congress, your efforts have been very important. Your Representatives have been reminded that they have constituents at home for whom the issue of fair compensation for creators in the digital age is critical.

Thanks to the power of your voice, the SEA was the only music bill introduced in the current legislative session which secured bipartisan support, in both the House and the Senate. We are confident this vital legislation will be reintroduced next year and look forward to re-engaging with the 115th Congress. As such, we plan to call on you again for your help and hope you will stay engaged with us. As always, BMI remains committed to advocating on your behalf for enactment of legislation that will provide meaningful relief to America’s music creators. Please check back here often for new developments as they arise.

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