Tyler Bates Archives

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Jul 23 2019 BMI and White Bear PR Presents The Character of Music
Jul 23 2019 Tyler Bates Wows the Comic-Con Audience With Music from R.U.N.
Jul 12 2019 BMI Composers Bates and Newman to Turn Up the Volume With Live Concerts at Comic-Con
Oct 10 2018 BMI Attends 5TH Annual Production Music Conference
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Jun 28 2018 BMI Proudly Supports the Sundance Institute Film Music Program
May 10 2018 John Williams Honored With Special Award at 34th Annual BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards
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Jul 14 2015 ‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’ Strikes a Chord at Comic-Con
Jun 29 2015 BMI and Krakower Poling PR to Present ‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’ Panel
May 14 2015 Oscar-Winning Composer Alexandre Desplat Honored as BMI Icon at 2015 Film/TV Awards
Apr 20 2015 10 Questions With Tyler Bates
Nov 6 2012 BMI Delves into “Surviving As A Composer” at 2012 Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference
Oct 3 2012 Discount Offered to BMI Composers for Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference
Jul 30 2012 BMI Presents 15th Annual Conducting for the Film Composer Workshop
Dec 15 2011 Crowded Holiday Film Season Keeps Composers Busy
Aug 23 2011 BMI Nurtures Art of Conducting at 14th Annual Conducting for the Film Composer Workshop
Aug 17 2010 BMI Presents 13th Annual Conductors Workshop Series
Aug 10 2010 Sundance Institute Selects Six Fellows for 2010 Film Composers Lab
May 20 2010 2010 BMI Film/TV Award Winners
Aug 13 2009 12th Annual Conducting Workshop Continues Acclaimed BMI Tradition
Jul 28 2009 Blog: BMI Conducting Workshop Week 1 by iZLER
May 21 2009 BMI Film & Television Awards Tout Composers of Year’s Top Film, Television, & Cable Music
Aug 8 2008 Fellows Benefit From BMI-Sponsored Sundance Composer Lab
Jul 14 2008 BMI Celebrates 10th Year of Sundance Institute Composers Lab
May 22 2008 BMI Film & Television Awards Tout Composers of Year’s Top Film and Television Music
May 22 2008 2008 BMI Film/TV Awards
Jul 27 2007 BMI Conducting Workshop Celebrates Ten Years of Honing Talent
May 27 2007 BMI Conducting Workshop Begins 10th Year
Apr 5 2004 Composer Tyler Bates Keeping Busy
Aug 14 2002 Film, TV Composers Refine Skills at BMI Film Conducting Workshop
Nov 30 2001 2001 Sundance Composers Lab