BMI Leadership

As recognized leaders in music rights management, BMI’s senior executive team consists of experts in the fields of music career development, technology, finance, licensing, new media, corporate strategy and copyright law. Every day, our executives build relationships to best serve our songwriters, composers, publishers and licensees alike. Our senior management team is also committed to modernizing the music licensing system and is at the forefront of efforts in Washington, D.C., to update laws that protect music creators and the value of music around the world.

BMI Senior Management Team

Michael O’Neill Photo
Bruce A. Esworthy Photo
  • Bruce A. Esworthy
  • Senior Vice President
  • Finance & Administration, Chief Financial Officer
Liz Fischer Photo
  • Liz Fischer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Corporate Communications & Marketing
Alex Flores Photo
Eddie Gulley Photo
  • Eddie Gulley
  • Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer
Stuart Rosen Photo
Alison Smith Photo
  • Alison Smith
  • Executive Vice President
  • Distribution, Publisher Relations & Administration Services
Michael Steinberg Photo
Ann Sweeney Photo
  • Ann Sweeney
  • Senior Vice President
  • International & Global Policy

Vice Presidents

Michael Collins Photo
Glenda Hart Photo
Nada Latto Photo
Jodi Saal Photo
  • Jodi Saal
  • Vice President
  • Corporate Planning

BMI Creative Management Team

Vice Presidents

Catherine Brewton Photo
Barbara Cane Photo
  • Barbara Cane
  • Vice President, Worldwide Creative
  • Advisor to the EVP, Creative & Licensing
Samantha Cox Photo
Charles S. Feldman Photo
Delia Orjuela Photo
  • Delia Orjuela
  • Vice President
  • Creative, Latin Music, Los Angeles
Doreen Ringer Ross Photo
  • Doreen Ringer Ross
  • Vice President
  • Creative, Film, TV & Visual Media Relations, Los Angeles
Tracie Verlinde Photo
Jody Williams Photo

Assistant Vice Presidents

Mason Hunter Photo
Wardell Malloy Photo

Executive Directors

Deirdre Chadwick Photo
Brooke Morrow Photo
  • Brooke Morrow
  • Executive Director
  • Creative Development
    Creative, New York
Leslie Roberts Photo