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Comic-Con 2015: BMI Composer Laura Karpman on Scoring the Remake of ‘Carrie’ at Comic Con

Captured at Comic-Con 2015

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Sounds of Horror: Inside Hollywood’s Most Terrifying Film Scores


From News, posted 7.23.19. From the spine-tingling scores for Us, Get Out, and Ma to the gritty and horror-filled themes in Pet Sematary and Hellraiser to the ultra-spooky cues in Critters and The Head Hunter, horror films wouldn’t be nearly as terrifying without their musical scores. BMI composers Christopher Young and Gregory Tripi joined composers,… Read more...

BMI and White Bear PR Presents The Character of Music


From News, posted 7.23.19. Ever wonder what goes into creating pulse-pounding action music, emotional character themes, or lush adventurous soundscapes? At this year’s Comic-Con, this panel paired composers with their directors to discuss what creative thinking and conversations happen behind the scenes to develop music for fan favorite projects in film, television. and video games.… Read more...

Tyler Bates Wows the Comic-Con Audience With Music from R.U.N.


From News, posted 7.23.19. Cirque Du Soleil debuted groundbreaking new show R.U.N. – The First Live-Action Thriller with score by BMI composer Tyler Bates at Comic Con’s 4th annual Fandom Party. // Read more...

Hollywood Game Changers: A Conversation with the Creative Women Behind Popular Films & TV Projects


From News, posted 7.23.19. Sitting down to tell their stories at Comic-Con 2019 were the talented women changing the status quo in film and television projects like Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, The OA Part II, Watchmen, Space Jam 2, Clueless, Santa Clarita Diet, Unikitty!, Enchanted, BoJack Horseman, Black Monday, Scary Stories to Tell… Read more...

Secrets from the Beyond: Behind the Camera with Film & TV’s Top Creatives


From News, posted 7.23.19. Experts in music, costume and production design, as well as visual effects sat down to discuss the process of creating the worlds of fan favorite films, television shows, and video games at Comic-Con 2019. The discussion included how they use their craft to shape the story, induce emotion through music, and… Read more...

Musical Anatomy of a Superhero: Film/TV Composer Panel


From News, posted 7.23.19. Music has always been an important supporting character in movies; it goes to another level in the superhero film genre where the music sets a tone that helps define a character, an impending battle, or a triumphant moment. The annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero, which was sponsored by BMI, returned… Read more...

Behind the Music: Celebrating Fan-Favorite Sounds/Scores of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and TV


From News, posted 7.23.19. CW3PR and RhapsodyPR proudly presented their Behind the Music panel at this year’s Comic-Con, featuring a variety of music creators on some of SDCC’s top fan-favorite films and television shows. Top maestros discussed how their work elevates the strange, action-packed, terrifying and ethereal in today’s most buzzed-about projects. An educational panel… Read more...

BMI Brings Superhero Composers to Comic-Con


From News, posted 7.28.16. BMI and White Bear PR highlighted some of the music from DC and Marvel’s most anticipated film and TV shows at Comic-Con on Friday, July 22, in San Diego. The duo’s panel entitled “I Love That Song! Composing, Scoring, and Singing Superhero Style,” brought together an all-star line-up of renowned Emmy… Read more...

BMI Composers Rock Comic-Con 2015


From News, posted 7.27.15. BMI and its affiliates made a compelling case for music in every medium during this year’s Comic-Con, with featured composers talking about their music to the sold-out crowd of interested fans at a number of unique panels. First up was “Behind the Music – Crime, Death and Resurrection,” sponsored by CW3… Read more...

‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’ Strikes a Chord at Comic-Con


From News, posted 7.14.15. Saturday, July 11, was a spooky day for the audience at BMI and Krakower Poling PR’s annual ‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’ panel at Comic-Con International, held at the San Diego Convention Center. Co-moderated by BMI’s Anne Cecere and Krakower Poling PR’s Chandler Poling, the discussion on music… Read more...

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