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Dreamshow: Dreamshow perform ‘I Want You’ at CMJ 2014

Captured at 2014 CMJ Showcase

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BMI Brings Second Annual Sabores Latinos Showcase to New York City


From News, posted 1.07.19. BMI kicked off the new year with the second annual Sabores Latinos showcase at the Rockwood Music Hall on January 3 in New York. The Caribbean-influenced band Strings N Skins opened the evening with their dynamic and explosive blend of violin riffs and djembe beats. They were followed by the energetic… Read more...

BMI Singer/Songwriters Close Out 2017 With Another Stellar Performance at December Acoustic Lounge


From News, posted 12.11.17. BMI held its monthly Acoustic Lounge showcase on Monday, December 4, 2017, at Genghis Cohen Los Angeles. This final showcase of the year featured performances by singer/songwriters Cody Johns, Jess Kallen, Kendra Calhoun, Paige Shannon and Madeleine Mayi. Each singer/songwriter performed a selection of favorites from their original repertoires. The event… Read more...

BMI Singer/Songwriters Shine at April Acoustic Lounge in Los Angeles


From News, posted 4.06.16. BMI held its April installment of the popular Acoustic Lounge on Monday, April 4, at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles. This monthly singer/songwriter showcase packed the house and featured stellar acoustic performances by Laura Jean Anderson, Sarah Margaret Huff, Josh LaCount and Macedo. The series is always free and open to… Read more...

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