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Top Songwriting Workshop Questions - and Their Answers


From MusicWorld, posted 10.17.18. In teaching songwriting and music business workshops over the past fifteen years, I’ve observed that there is a “greatest hits” of questions that I get over and over again from my attendees. I thought it might be helpful to share those questions and my answers here. Music Business 1. When should… Read more...

BMI Bulletin Board: October


From MusicWorld, posted 10.17.18. WORKSHOPS BMI 101 Workshop: New York BMI 101 is a one-hour introductory workshop for writers and publishers, covering the role that BMI plays in the music industry, basics of performing rights, and becoming a BMI affiliate. When: October 25, November 29, 2018, 12:00 - 1:00 PM Where:… Read more...

What’s Hot—and What’s Not When it Comes to Instrumentation


From The Weekly, posted 10.16.18. If history is any indication, one thing we can count on is that music is constantly evolving–and that includes which instruments and sounds are popular at any given time. In some instances, the invention of a new instrument changes the musical landscape. But more often, the instrumentation heard in popular songs… Read more...

The Value of Listening Differently to Your Song


From The Weekly, posted 10.09.18. The blessing and the curse of recording your finished song is that you can really dig in and scrutinize every detail. The “blessing” part is being able to hear all of the things that are coming together to make your song sound great but the “curse” is that by listening so… Read more...

What Do You Listen For in an Aspiring Composer’s Music That Gets You Excited About Their Career?


From The Weekly, posted 10.02.18. A lot of composers ask what they need to do to catch the ears of the industry. So, we asked our film/TV expert to tell us what it is about music creators that she thinks creates a buzz. Here’s what she said: Doreen Ringer-Ross, Vice President Creative, Film, TV & Visual… Read more...

Are Your Songs Too “Rangy” for Today’s Singers?


From MusicWorld, posted 9.19.18. At the beginning of my career, I had a song go on hold for a female country music star whose singles regularly went to #1. The head of her record label said my song was a “must-cut” situation, and I was faced with a daunting decision: should I buy a Mercedes… Read more...

BMI Bulletin Board: September


From MusicWorld, posted 9.19.18. Cliff Goldmacher Workshop-Making Your Rough Recordings Anything But “Rough” A rough recording can do so much more than just capture the melody and lyric of your latest song.Caring about all facets of the songwriting and recording process, not only helps you present your songs in the best light but… Read more...

BMI Closes Out Summer with Inaugural New Sounds of Nashville Experience


From News, posted 9.14.18. BMI and the Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club launched the inaugural New Sounds of Nashville experience this Labor Day weekend in South Florida with a series of exclusive events and writing camps. Designed to be an intimate, weekend-long experience that highlights the journey from writing the song to a smash… Read more...

How Making Multiple Demos Can Lead to a Better Song


From The Weekly, posted 8.28.18. Years ago I wrote a piece entitled “Don’t Demo to Death,” in which I advocated saving your real creative juices for the master take. In that article I listed a number of reasons why I thought it best to avoid “proper” recording until the song was finished. For one thing, if… Read more...

How Can Songwriters Learn to Set Trends Instead of Follow Them?


From The Weekly, posted 8.21.18. This month, BMI’s Creative Team focuses on the importance of being a leader instead of a follower. Here are some tips on how to do it. Nina Carter, Creative, Nashville: With technology at our fingertips, it’s so easy to access music and fall into the current trends. If you spend… Read more...

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