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Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: What it Means for Music Creators


From News, posted 3.30.20. Last week, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law by President Trump. The Act addresses the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating economic impact. There are several important provisions included in this vital legislation that will help many people, including music creators. BMI, in partnership… Read more...

What Can Songwriters Do to Stay Motivated & Creative at This Time?


From The Weekly, posted 3.24.20. BMI’s ‘On the Record’ reached out to Clay Bradley, Vice President of Creative in Nashville to answer one of the more pressing questions facing songwriters this instant. What can songwriters do to stay motivated and creative in the current interim? What can they do to help maintain their careers? Here’s how… Read more...

Tips for Co-Writing Songs When You Can’t Be in the Same Room


From MusicWorld, posted 3.19.20. While I am writing this article, the world is battling COVID-19 and social distancing is curtailing the in-person collaborations that are so often the way songs are written. For those who are unable to write and record songs during face-to-face sessions there are alternatives. Co-Writing Separately My first major-label cut was… Read more...

Songs From Your Heart are What People Really Want to Hear


From MusicWorld, posted 3.19.20. The songwriting advice that you should “write from you heart” is equal parts obvious and incredibly challenging. Given that most of us begin songwriting because of something we’re feeling in our hearts, it’s the most natural approach for us. But somewhere along the way when we decide to become “songwriters,” writing… Read more...

Recording Tips for Building a Better Bass Track


From MusicWorld, posted 3.18.20. In my experience, electric bass has always been one of the most confounding instruments to record. For one thing it’s seldom a set-it-and-forget-it operation—levels that worked great on one session may be less effective the next time, particularly when working with different dynamics or instrumentation. In other words, it’s helpful to… Read more...

BMI Supports New ONLINE Song Arts Academy Workshop Intensive Starting March 23


From News, posted 3.02.20. BMI is proud to support Song Arts Academy’s new special online workshop intensive starting Monday, March 23. This intensive is a proven and unique learning destination taught by NYU Steinhardt, New School Songwriting faculty member and Berklee NYC consultant Billy Seidman. Past writers trained in the workshop’s “Advanced Song Craft Method”™… Read more...

BMI Bulletin Board: February 2020


From MusicWorld, posted 2.20.20. WORKSHOPS BMI 101 Workshop: Nashville BMI 101 is a one-hour introductory workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the current role BMI plays in the complex world of the music industry. You’ll spend the hour with two BMI Employees outlining the history of BMI, how to utilize our… Read more...

What Makes a Song a Worldwide Phenomenon?


From MusicWorld, posted 2.20.20. Warning: Listening to the songs referenced in this article is likely to result in an inability to get them out of your brain. It is an incredible accomplishment for a song to reach the top of one of the Billboard charts. Occasionally, songs connect with listeners sufficiently to retain… Read more...

Best Advice for Songwriters? Keep Writing.


From The Weekly, posted 2.18.20. If you want to get better at writing songs, “Just keep writing.” This is one of those pieces of advice that we hear again and again as songwriters. And the reason we hear it so often is because of how spot on the advice is. The more you write the more… Read more...

Top Tips for Recording Background Vocals


From The Weekly, posted 2.04.20. Like any good embellishment, background vocals help fill the gaps during a tracking session, adding punch to a chorus or providing a sonic contrast to the lead vocal throughout. It can be as simple as a few sustained ‘oohs’ here and there, or something more sophisticated like a call-and-response melody during… Read more...

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