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Latin Spotlight: ChocQuibTown


From News, posted 11.01.21. ChocQuibTown are a Pacific Coast trio who mix urban sounds with international rhythms and unique lyrics. The group is made up of Goyo, Tostao, and Slowmike, and their name is derived from the area in which they grew up. “The name ChocQuibTown is a made-up word, which isn’t in English or… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Le Coco Ramos


From News, posted 11.01.21. Le Coco Ramos is a Venezuelan singer/songwriter who merges hypnotic melodies with the sounds of Latin, R&B, pop, trap, and folk. Her first single, “Dueño,” was a success, racking up hundreds of thousands of views/streams and giving way to her second single, “Carajita,” which means “child” in her native slang. In… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: José Esparza


From News, posted 11.01.21. José Esparza is a Mexican American, Latin GRAMMY-nominated artist and composer who has written for artists like Christian Nodal, La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, Banda Los Recoditos, Los Plebes del Rancho, and more. He began writing songs at just 15 years old and gained notoriety in the Regional Mexican world after… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Rubén Salazar


From News, posted 11.01.21. Rubén Salazar is a young composer originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa who has become one of the most sought-after composers in Regional Mexican music. A talent beyond his years (Salazar is in his early 20s), he has written for artists like Julión Álvarez, Banda El Recodo, Carin León, and Gerardo Ortíz,… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Amanda Coronel


From News, posted 11.01.21. Amanda Coronel is a Regional Mexican songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Mocorito, Mexico. She first became interested in music at the age of eight, eventually learning to play guitar, electric bass, drums, and saxophone. Coronel was 15 when she wrote her first song, “Vicio,” though she considers her big break… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Lil Geniuz


From News, posted 11.01.21. Lil Geniuz is a chart-topping producer, engineer, songwriter, and label CEO who is recognized as a significant player in the mainstream success of Latin trap music. His father was a musician and percussionist in the salsa band, La Continuación, and Geniuz learned to play instruments and create beats early on. His… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Mando


From News, posted 11.01.21. Mando is representing the new generation of Regional Mexican Pop. His career began in 2014, and his spectrum-spanning music (pop, norteño, and cumbia) aims to bring positivity to his listeners. Mando’s singles “Mi Nombre” and “Me Duele” led to a more mature stage in his musical career, and his hit song,… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Randy Class


From News, posted 11.01.21. Randy Class is a dynamic NYC-based producer and songwriter who was raised in the Bronx. His Dominican roots helped him grow up surrounded by musical influences ranging from hip-hop and merengue to bachata, soul, and R&B, and his ability to write in both English and Spanish has broadened his ability to… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Rawayana


From News, posted 11.01.21. Rawayana are more than a band. They are an artistic collective. Led by Fofo Story, Beto Montenegro, Alejandro Abeijón, and multiple collaborators from different artistic branches, this group of creators mix different world rhythms with a touch of psychedelia. Their most recent album, Cuando Los Acéfalos Predominan, was released in February… Read more...

Latin Spotlight: Reggi El Auténtico


From News, posted 11.01.21. Rafael Regginalds Aponte, better known as Reggi El Auténtico, is a producer and songwriter born in Venezuela who has written on songs by Nicky Jam, Jennifer Lopez, Anuel AA, Ozuna, Chino & Nacho, Prince Royce, Yandel, Anitta, and many more. He got an early start working with the Venezuelan duo Chino… Read more...

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