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Three Rules for Contacting Anyone in the Music Business


From MusicWorld, posted 2.26.21. It is, without a doubt, both a blessing and a curse to be passionate about your songwriting. On the “blessing” side, you’ve found something you’re genuinely moved to do, and you can’t wait for the world to hear your songs. However, on the “curse” side, it’s far too easy to throw… Read more...

Tracking Alternatives – Which Recording Formats Are Right for You?


From MusicWorld, posted 2.26.21. People often ask, “What kind of recording format allows you to get up and running quickly but is still capable of producing top-notch sound?” Let’s start with your typical work regimen—do you mostly record on your own, using only a few inputs at a time, or do you often require multiple… Read more...

Does Your Song Have a Compelling Intro?


From The Weekly, posted 2.23.21. If the first 10 seconds is the most important part of the song, why not fill it with something solid? In addition to a repeating riff, a good intro can be an extract from a bridge or chorus, or even something culled from a different track altogether. The irresistible riff. In… Read more...

5 Tips to Rebound, Reset, and Reinvigorate Your Songwriting


From MusicWorld, posted 1.19.21. For most of us, 2020 will rank as one of the most tumultuous years of our lifetime. The restrictions, losses, and fears caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the emotions stirred up in the political and social arenas, touched virtually everyone—and creative people were hit extra hard. Songwriters, musicians, singers,… Read more...

3 More Ways Technology Can Change Your Life as a Songwriter


From The Weekly, posted 1.12.21. It seems timely to build on my earlier article about uses for technology as a songwriter, as our connections have become increasingly virtual since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, even once the pandemic recedes, there are still significant advantages to availing yourself of current technology to further your… Read more...

MusicWorld’s Best Songwriting and Recording Tips of 2020


From News, posted 12.22.20. There are many paths to take when writing songs, but only some of them will give you your best shot at success, especially during these challenging times. Here are the top 10 tips articles published in BMI’s MusicWorld during 2020. Read on for ways to make 2021 the year your songs… Read more...

2 More Big Mistakes Songwriters Make


From The Weekly, posted 12.15.20. In a previous article, I brought up a couple of big mistakes that I’ve noticed songwriters tend to make. In my experience, these mistakes come from a place where, as songwriters, we simply don’t know what we don’t know yet. So, to that end, I’m going to bring up a… Read more...

Three MORE Ways Follow-Through Pays Off


From The Weekly, posted 12.01.20. A career in songwriting is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged. In fact, it almost feels like the music business is designed to thin the proverbial herd with its delightful mixture of unpredictability and disappointment. I do believe, however, that it’s up to us as songwriters to… Read more...

Change That Tune – The Art of Re-Arranging Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 11.19.20. One of the most challenging aspects of writing and recording is the ability to remain flexible. In years past, I’d typically consider a song to be set in stone from demo one, and therefore kept basic arrangement, instruments, rhythm and such pretty much intact from start to finish. Not that there’s… Read more...

The Most Important Trait for Songwriters and Recording Artists - Persistence


From MusicWorld, posted 11.19.20. During a recent workshop I was asked if I could identify the most important trait or skill for songwriters to possess. Was it an innate talent to craft a fresh, memorable melody? Was it the ability to craft a lyric that touched millions of hearts? Or was it something else? As… Read more...

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