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5 Things to Do in the First 30 Seconds of Your Song


From MusicWorld, posted 8.14.19. During a recent song critique, I turned off the recording after listening to the first verse and chorus. The writer protested, “But you’ve got to keep listening. It all comes together in the bridge and then the last chorus explodes!” That might have been the case, but the chances are miniscule… Read more...

What Makes a Great Jazz Piece?


From The Weekly, posted 8.13.19. With all the different genres of music in the world, you might think the way to approach creating music for a specific genre would be unique. Not necessarily so, especially when it comes to production. Read on for good advice for readying your music for decision-makers, no matter what the genre. Read more...

Four Tips for Getting Over Writer’s Block


From The Weekly, posted 8.06.19. Writer’s block. The mythical beast that plagues writers of all stripes. While songwriting is a somewhat unpredictable activity, I happen to believe that there are ways to hedge against freezing up when it comes time to write. To that end, I’ve put together a few ways to get you past writer’s… Read more...

10 Tips for Bridging the Gap Between Amateur and Professional Songwriting


From MusicWorld, posted 7.17.19. Above and beyond the inspiration that often serves as the seed for all songwriters, there are lots of significant things to consider when it comes to refining your songwriting craft. Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind if you’re wondering how to make the leap from your… Read more...

The Dos and Don’ts of Meeting With Music Publishers


From The Weekly, posted 7.16.19. For most songwriters, the idea of being a staff songwriter for a music publisher is a lifelong dream. However, in order to make this dream become reality, you’ll need to be more than just a gifted songwriter. You’ll need to show a publisher - and yourself - that you’re ready to… Read more...

Methods of a Modern Day Manager: In Conversation with Kevin Wolff


From News, posted 7.09.19. As manager of artists ranging from Rancid, The Interrupters and Blink-182 through to Dirt Nasty, The Glitch Mob and Elohim, Kevin Wolff has shrewdly overseen a diverse stable of music creators and helped each push the envelope and establish themselves in the competitive music marketplace. First via Deckstar and then through… Read more...

In the Hope of a Hit, Write From Your Heart, Not Just For The Chart


From The Weekly, posted 7.02.19. At a recent BMI Nashville Songwriters’ workshop, I heard a song that jumped out of the pile. Sounding fresh, original, and instantly memorable, it demanded to be forwarded to the ten publishers who have agreed to listen to the workshop songs I recommend. One week later, one of those publishers sent… Read more...

Tips for Writing Songs About Anything…But Love


From MusicWorld, posted 6.19.19. At my BMI Nashville Songwriters’ Workshops, I screen and critique songs from each attendee. When I find songs that I believe are competitive with those being written by today’s top hitmakers, I forward them to ten music publishers who have agreed to listen. After the last BMI Workshop, I forwarded two… Read more...

What’s A Common Mistake Songwriters Make And How Can It Be Avoided?


From The Weekly, posted 6.18.19. Trying to navigate the music industry can be tricky, and as in any job, there are pitfalls for songwriters. The good news is, mistakes can be avoided. Here to weigh in on how to do just that is BMI’s Creative team, from LA to London. Jessa Gelt, BMI Creative, Los Angeles:… Read more...

Casting Songs: How to Gauge Which Artist Might Record Your Song?


From The Weekly, posted 6.11.19. Casting a song refers to making the determination of which artists your song is best suited for. To do it effectively requires an ability to intuit what attributes various artists are likely to be drawn to – melodically and lyrically – in the songs they choose. Just as a casting director’s… Read more...

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