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What Are The Pitfalls to Avoid When Recording And Submitting a Demo?


From News, posted 6.19.18. BMI’s ‘On the Record’ is back again this month with another thought-provoking answer to one of our most frequently asked questions. The BMI Creative Team weighed in. Mitch Martin, Creative, Atlanta: The first thing to avoid is overselling. The more secure and confident you come across when presenting your work,… Read more...

How to Write Songs That Are Both Personal and Universal


From MusicWorld, posted 6.15.18. Most of us who are in the business of creating songs are aware of the importance of writing lyrics that have universal appeal, lyrics that connect with millions of hearts. We have also heard about the importance of writing songs that emanate from our hearts, from personal experience. On the surface,… Read more...

What’s Holding Your Song Back?


From The Weekly, posted 6.12.18. There are times our songs come to us easily. They feel good as we’re writing them, people respond when we perform them and the demos practically jump out of the speakers. There are other times, however, when things just don’t seem to quite come together. To help you troubleshoot what may… Read more...

What a Recording Engineer Can and Should Bring to the Session


From The Weekly, posted 6.05.18. Engineers, strictly speaking, are responsible for the “nuts and bolts” of the recording process. In our current technological environment, this means not only a familiarity with ageless studio techniques such as microphone placement, but also a deep understanding of the latest innovations in their chosen digital audio workstation (DAW) software and… Read more...

Networking Tips for Songwriters From a Music Industry Expert


From The Weekly, posted 5.22.18. We’ve all heard that networking is a critical tool for those wanting to get ahead in the music business. But what exactly does it mean—and how do you do it effectively? I posed this question to networking expert Dan Kimpel who authored Networking in the Music Business and Networking Strategies for… Read more...

What Are The Key Elements of a Successful Musical Theatre Piece?


From The Weekly, posted 5.15.18. Each month, different members of BMI’s Creative team give their feedback on burning questions asked by our songwriters and composers. This time, we asked Patrick Cook, BMI’s Director of Musical Theatre and Jazz: The most important element in a musical is that everyone is writing the same… Read more...

BMI Bulletin Board: May


From MusicWorld, posted 5.10.18. WORKSHOPS BMI/Cliff Goldmacher Workshop: Making Your Rough Recordings Anything But “Rough” When: Thursday, June 21, 2018, from 2 - 3 PM Where: BMI’s Nashville office (10 Music Square East, Nashville 37203) How: Register online here Get an insider’s perspective on the process of making rough… Read more...

Tips for Recording a Compelling Demo


From MusicWorld, posted 5.10.18. Nowadays even the most basic software package offers home users virtually infinite tracking space, making the temptation to over-record stronger than ever. Bear in mind, however, that some of the most compelling productions through the years have been those that favored space and dynamics, rather than uber-overdubbing. To that end, we… Read more...

3 Tips for Writing to a Title


From The Weekly, posted 5.01.18. I was recently asked the age-old question, the one songwriters are so often asked. “Which comes first, the words or the music?” Without skipping a beat, I responded, “The title.” I estimate that more than 95% of the lyrics for the more-than one thousand songs I’ve written began with a title.… Read more...

6 Tips for Exercising Your Songwriting Muscles


From News, posted 4.24.18. The difference, in my experience, between professional songwriters and hobbyists has very little to do with raw songwriting ability. It has to do with taking that talent and honing your skills. Being a pro requires an ironclad work ethic to not only create a consistent body of work, but also to… Read more...

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