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How to Improve Your Editing Skills…And Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 5.21.21. In the earliest days of recording, there was essentially one way to ensure you left the studio with a good product—you came in and performed flawlessly. If there was even a minor miscue along the way, you and everyone else on the session would need to start all over again. With… Read more...

Are Your Songs Too Repetitious – or Not Repetitious Enough?


From MusicWorld, posted 5.21.21. If we were collaborating on a song and I suggested that one particular line of lyric – and the melody that accompanies it – be repeated eighteen times, would you think that would be entirely too repetitive to be successful? How about if, in the same song, I insisted that an… Read more...

3 More Things I’ve Learned as a Songwriter


From The Weekly, posted 5.18.21. Since, in my experience, the songwriting journey is a never-ending process of learning your craft, I thought it was time for adding a few more things that I’ve learned as a songwriter since my last article on the subject. So much of a career as a songwriter is about… Read more...

Which Recording Mixes Do You Need to Increase Your Odds of Getting a Song Cut?


From MusicWorld, posted 4.22.21. Audio mixing can be defined as the process of combining individual tracks from a multitrack recording into a finished product. It includes determining the volume and adding effects such as reverb, delay, compression, and equalization to each track. In stereo and surround sound recordings, mixing also includes placing each track in… Read more...

Mic Moves: The Right Placement for Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 3.26.21. For the vast majority of us who don’t reside in a soundproof living space, those increasingly spiffy effects samples that come included in most recording packages these days have been a godsend, allowing us to get professional tone out of a pint-sized box. So seductive are some of these plugins and… Read more...

5 Tips to Help Find Good Homes for Your Songs


From The Weekly, posted 3.16.21. Today, all four of the foster kittens I raised as a volunteer for my local Humane Society found wonderful, permanent homes. This happened less than twenty-four hours after posting the kittens’ photos and bios on the shelter’s website. This might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but there were more… Read more...

Three Rules for Contacting Anyone in the Music Business


From MusicWorld, posted 2.26.21. It is, without a doubt, both a blessing and a curse to be passionate about your songwriting. On the “blessing” side, you’ve found something you’re genuinely moved to do, and you can’t wait for the world to hear your songs. However, on the “curse” side, it’s far too easy to throw… Read more...

Tracking Alternatives – Which Recording Formats Are Right for You?


From MusicWorld, posted 2.26.21. People often ask, “What kind of recording format allows you to get up and running quickly but is still capable of producing top-notch sound?” Let’s start with your typical work regimen—do you mostly record on your own, using only a few inputs at a time, or do you often require multiple… Read more...

Does Your Song Have a Compelling Intro?


From The Weekly, posted 2.23.21. If the first 10 seconds is the most important part of the song, why not fill it with something solid? In addition to a repeating riff, a good intro can be an extract from a bridge or chorus, or even something culled from a different track altogether. The irresistible riff. In… Read more...

5 Tips to Rebound, Reset, and Reinvigorate Your Songwriting


From MusicWorld, posted 1.19.21. For most of us, 2020 will rank as one of the most tumultuous years of our lifetime. The restrictions, losses, and fears caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the emotions stirred up in the political and social arenas, touched virtually everyone—and creative people were hit extra hard. Songwriters, musicians, singers,… Read more...

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