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Colbie Caillat: Behind the Song

Captured at Behind the Song 2011

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What a Difference a Mix Makes


From The Weekly, posted 2.12.19. Theoretically a great song should speak for itself, no matter how it’s been recorded. But why rely on theory? Here, we once again review more methods of mixdown, such as knowing where and when to place tracks, how even the subtlest panning or tone trimming can allow otherwise “buried” parts to… Read more...

What Do You Listen For When You Hear a Songwriter’s Music For The First Time?


From The Weekly, posted 1.29.19. Ever wonder what people in the industry are listening for when they hear your music? BMI’s Creative team weighs in on the answer to that question from their own experience of working with songwriters and composers every day. Here are their thoughts: Catherine Brewton, VP, BMI Creative, Atlanta: When I… Read more...

What Makes a Song a Hit?


From MusicWorld, posted 1.23.19. When I worked in the A & R Department at a major record label, and later, as production coordinator for albums by hit artists, in many cases, my ears were the first barrier that had to be crossed when a song was submitted for those acts. Almost all the songs I… Read more...

Song Critiques: Which Ones Should You Trust?


From The Weekly, posted 1.22.19. One of the most popular aspects of my songwriting workshops are the song critiques. They provide an opportunity for writers to get objective feedback on their songs; a chance to learn what’s working—and what could be stronger. In most cases, I suggest changes, so ideally, the time to get a critique… Read more...

5 Tips for Strengthening Your Song’s Melodic Hooks


From The Weekly, posted 1.15.19. Melodic hooks can be the heartbeat of a song. These tasty bits of ear candy can make the difference between an “almost” – and a life-changing hit. They can be instrumental or sung and can occur in any section of a song – the intro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, post-chorus, bridge, or… Read more...

“The Weekly’s” 2018 Hottest Tips!


From News, posted 12.28.18. Here’s a look back at the year’s best career advice for songwriters as published in BMI’s The Weekly. Want to subscribe? Click here. Happy Holidays! What Are Some Good Ways to Get Publishers Interested in My Music? BMI’s Creative teams are back in The Weekly providing tips… Read more...

The Best of ‘MusicWorld’ 2018


From News, posted 12.26.18. Here are the year’s top tips for making your songs the best they can be.  Don’t have a subscription to BMI’s monthly digital magazine, MusicWorld? Click here.  Enjoy! How to Write Song Hooks That “Hook” You in What constitutes a hook? Any element of a song that… Read more...

What Makes a Song Sound Current Versus Dated?


From The Weekly, posted 12.11.18. Successful songwriters are at the top of the list when it comes to setting new trends. But trying to chase trends isn’t what will make your music stand out. BMI’s Creative Team weighs in on what will work. Have a look! Brandon Haas, BMI Creative, New York: Genres evolve quickly, especially… Read more...

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Successful Songwriter?


From MusicWorld, posted 11.28.18. An aspiring songwriter recently asked me several intriguing questions: “What abilities do I need to write songs? Do I need to be able to read and write music? Play keyboards or guitar? Sing in tune?” He followed up by asking what additional skills he would need in order to record demos… Read more...

Get in Gear With Today’s Recording Essentials


From MusicWorld, posted 11.28.18. As a longtime analog advocate, it came as something of a shock last year when nearly all of my non-digital equipment began to fail one by one, leading me on a reluctant search for suitable modern replacements. That turn of events made me reconsider what kind of equipment qualifies as “essential”… Read more...

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