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Three MORE Ways Follow-Through Pays Off


From The Weekly, posted 12.01.20. A career in songwriting is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged. In fact, it almost feels like the music business is designed to thin the proverbial herd with its delightful mixture of unpredictability and disappointment. I do believe, however, that it’s up to us as songwriters to… Read more...

Change That Tune – The Art of Re-Arranging Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 11.19.20. One of the most challenging aspects of writing and recording is the ability to remain flexible. In years past, I’d typically consider a song to be set in stone from demo one, and therefore kept basic arrangement, instruments, rhythm and such pretty much intact from start to finish. Not that there’s… Read more...

The Most Important Trait for Songwriters and Recording Artists - Persistence


From MusicWorld, posted 11.19.20. During a recent workshop I was asked if I could identify the most important trait or skill for songwriters to possess. Was it an innate talent to craft a fresh, memorable melody? Was it the ability to craft a lyric that touched millions of hearts? Or was it something else? As… Read more...

Percussion Primer – Tips for Adding Hooky Rhythms to Your Music Tracks


From MusicWorld, posted 10.23.20. It’s not always easy to get enthusiastic about a new demo if you always start your rhythm track the same old way. Take percussion for example: sure, it’s easy to lay down a functional backbeat and be done with it, but why not spend a little more time and imagination crafting… Read more...

3 More Quick Tips for Your Rough Recordings


From The Weekly, posted 10.20.20. A while back, I put together a series of tips for making rough recordings of your songs. Those tips had more to do with the nuts and bolts of rough recordings and how to get the best results. This round of tips has more to do with how you use… Read more...

Using Chords and Modulations as Musical Hooks in Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 9.24.20. The chords we choose to accompany our melodies not only contribute to the flavor of our songs, they can provide some of those magical musical moments that make our songs hooky, exceptional, and unforgettable. To keep our listeners’ attention we need to include hooks, elements that are catchy and memorable, not… Read more...

How Songwriting Makes You A Better Innovator


From MusicWorld, posted 8.19.20. After over 30 years of writing songs, I’ve come to the realization that while songwriting, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing, the benefits extend far beyond the boundaries of music. Among the many areas that learning to write songs can develop are a set of seven skills uniquely designed… Read more...

Song Arts Academy’s Billy Seidman on “The Elements of Song Craft”


From News, posted 8.17.20. NYU Steinhardt, New School Songwriting faculty member and Berklee NYC consultant Billy Seidman has been consumed with the craft of writing lasting, impactful songs since he was in his early teens. Swept up and inspired, like countless others, from first hearing The Beatles, Seidman picked up a guitar and immersed himself… Read more...

How to Avoid and Resolve Conflicts Between Songwriting Collaborators


From The Weekly, posted 8.04.20. I’ve heard it said that most of us need to kiss a lot of proverbial frogs before finding collaborators with whom we share that elusive, inexplicable chemistry that can result in exceptional songs. I have collaborated with hundreds of writers on three different continents. Most of those writing sessions resulted in… Read more...

How to Make a Socially Distanced Music Performance Video


From MusicWorld, posted 7.26.20. It’s become a ubiquitous image during these trying times: a screenful of sequestered musicians arranged in a Zoom-styled array of boxes, playing “together” in what appears to be a totally synchronized performance. While some may be better than others, these video happenings have been a source of sustenance for fans deprived… Read more...

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