Music Licensing for Concert Band & Wind Ensembles

Do you have questions about the use of music in your business? Please review the FAQ’s below or contact a BMI representative for additional assistance.

Common Questions

Q: Who is responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted music?

Q: What is included in the BMI repertory in the field of classical music?

Q: Do we need a license if we are a non-profit organization?

Q: Do we need a license if our events are held at a college or university that has a BMI license?

Q: Do we need a performance license if we own the printed score and parts or have paid a rental fee to the publisher?

Q: How long does a work remain in copyright?

Q: Does a BMI license cover performances of excerpts from dramatic musical works?

Q: What if a composer is performing his or her own compositions?

Q: Does my professional association offer discounted music licensing fees?