Music Licensing for Radio

2017 BMI-RMLC Interim Fee Agreement

We are pleased to report that BMI and Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) recently reached an agreement on interim license fees to be paid by all radio stations that have authorized the RMLC to act on their behalf in connection with negotiations or proceedings to establish BMI license fees and terms for the period effective January 1, 2017 (RMLC Member Stations). This interim fee agreement resulted in a Rate Court order (the Interim Fee Order) and the termination of the rate court proceeding for interim fees that BMI commenced in January 2017.

Under the Interim Fee Order, RMLC Stations will continue to pay license fees based on the same rates and terms set forth in the BMI-10 License including the blanket license rate of 1.7% of revenue (subject to the deductions set forth in the BMI-10 License). The interim fee will be adjusted retroactively based on the final fees and terms established by negotiations between BMI and the RMLC, or by order of the BMI Rate Court. You can access the Interim Fee Order (along with exhibits) confirming that agreement on this page under “RMLC Documents.”

BMI previously suspended current fee billing to RMLC Stations effective January 1, 2017 pending resolution of the interim fee rate court proceeding. Because interim rates have now been established, BMI will begin billing RMLC Stations retroactively for periods beginning January 1, 2017.

For more information about your interim fees, please contact your BMI Media Licensing Representative by emailing

2017 Radio License Extension for non-RMLC Stations

Radio stations that are not RMLC Members were sent for signature an interim extension agreement to license their public performances of BMI music during the pendency of the BMI – RMLC negotiations. If your radio station is not an RMLC Member Station and you have signed the interim extension, then you will be billed interim fees on the same basis as RMLC Members. If your station has not yet signed the BMI 2017 Radio License Extension Agreement, in order to remain licensed by BMI for the period that commenced January 1, 2017, commercial radio stations have three (3) options, as follows:

  1. Sign the BMI 2017 Radio License Extension Agreement, which will extend the terms of your BMI-10 Agreement on an interim basis, subject to adjustment once final fees are negotiated by BMI and the RMLC or established by the BMI Rate Court. (Extension Documents are available for download on this page under “RMLC Documents”);

  2. Sign the RMLC Authorization form, which authorizes the RMLC to represent you in any future rate proceeding and binds your station to the terms of the Interim Fee Order and the next negotiated BMI-RMLC agreement; or

  3. Make your own separate written application to BMI for a license pursuant to the Section XIV of the BMI Consent Decree (an “Application”). If you choose to make an Application on your own, your Application will constitute an interim license, and you may be required to appear before the BMI Rate Court, located in New York City, to prove that your station is not similarly situated to the universe of radio stations covered by the next BMI/RMLC agreement, and to give evidence as to the appropriate license fee for your station.

Upon election of either of the first two options above (signing the BMI 2017 Radio License Extension Agreement, or the RMLC Authorization form), you will be billed interim fees on the same basis as RMLC Members. Please be advised that failure to follow any of the three options may result in your station performing copyrighted musical compositions in the BMI repertoire without the necessary license permission, subjecting your station to infringement risk.

For more information about these options, please contact your BMI Media Licensing Representative by emailing