Music Licensing for Stores, Shops, Boutiques, and other Retail Establishments

Do you have questions about the use of music in your business? Please review the FAQ’s below or contact a BMI representative for additional assistance.

Common Questions

Q: How do we report under our Retail Establishments License?

Q: What is a public performance of music and what is the performing right?

Q: What is BMI?

Q: We purchased our own iPod, mp3s, and CDs to play. Isn’t this our property to play anywhere?

Q: We have a service agreement with a commercial music service (CMS). Doesn’t that cover my licensing responsibilities?

Q: If we have bands or DJs, aren’t they responsible for public performance fees?

Q: We have a license with another performing right organization. Do we still need to license with BMI?

Q: Do we need a license to use radios and/or TVs?