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Music Licensing for RV Parks & Campgrounds

BMI Makes It Simple to License Music for RV Parks & Campgrounds

Music enhances the overall camping experience. Playing music however— whether it is at pool parties and barbeques, karaoke contests or in the background at your campground for the enjoyment of your campers and visitors— requires permission from the copyright owner. A BMI music license gives you the necessary copyright permission to play over 22.4 million songs in BMI’s award-winning repertoire and ensures that music creators are fairly compensated for their work. Here’s how you can get started:


Call (888) 689-5264 to get
a license over the phone.


Fill out our Online Form and a BMI Representative will get back to you with more information.


License and Report Form
(For multiple locations, contact BMI to see if you qualify for a chain license.)

BMI’s Music License Saves You Time & Money

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY A BMI license saves you the time and expense of contacting each songwriter or composer for the permission needed to play their music publicly at your events.
      • Exclusive Association Discounts
      • Yearly 5% discount just for being a member of one of these participating associations.
      • Yearly 5% discount for association members who pay their BMI licensing fees via phone or online.
      • Simplicity Eliminates complex reporting and allows you to make music use changes online or over the phone.
      • Convenience
        • Pay your bill online securely and easily.
        • Schedule your payments by choosing the billing plan that is right for your business. You can also opt for automated payments.

See below for the most common questions about music licensing in RV parks and campgrounds. If you have additional questions, please review our full list of Licensing FAQs or contact a BMI representative.

Your BMI music license fee is based on the number of campsites and your annual entertainment costs.

The license covers all music performed on the premises, including live music, DJs, karaoke, music around the pool, Christmas in July (holiday music), music in the lobby or park stores, field games with music, line dancing and TVs in common areas.

The BMI Music License for RV Parks and Campgrounds excludes properties which have more than fifty percent (50%) Fixed Structures, such as hotels/motels, cabins. Those facilities will be licensed under other BMI Music Licenses. Check with a BMI representative information to see what license is right for your RV park or campground.

A BMI music license covers live and recorded music for your campers’ enjoyment. However, it does not authorize or cover musical performances such as concerts or other musical attractions where the general public is admitted or there is a separate admission charge to attend.

When you pay your annual fee, you will also submit a report (on forms provided by BMI) indicating the highest number of campsites for the year reported and the actual live music and entertainment costs. Your fee may then be adjusted based on this report.

Yes. If that business wants to play any BMI music. A music license with another performing rights organization only allows you to perform copyrighted music represented by that organization. It will not cover the public performances of the award-winning music licensed by BMI. This is because each songwriter or composer may belong to only one performing right organization at any given time, so each PRO licenses a unique repertoire of music. For a look at 100% BMI works, click here.

No. Since it’s the business or organization that is authorizing the performance of music, BMI offers a license to the owner of the establishment to ensure that the business or organization has the necessary permission to publicly perform BMI music.

Although your digital music subscription gives you access to an enormous catalog of music, it does not provide the necessary copyright clearance to play those songs in a public setting. Once you decide to play any copyrighted music publicly as part of your business, you need permission from the copyright owners.

The BMI RV Park & Campground license is flexible by offering you the ability to change your licensing fee up to three times per calendar year. If your music use has recently changed, please contact a BMI Representative at (800) 925-8451 to discuss your account.

Your licensing fee goes to BMI’s affiliated songwriters, composers and music publishers in the form of royalties. Your payment supports the continued creation of music, which enhances the overall experience for your customers.