“The Weekly’s” 2018 Hottest Tips!

Posted in News on December 28, 2018

Here’s a look back at the year’s best career advice for songwriters as published in BMI’s The Weekly. Want to subscribe? Click here. Happy Holidays!

What Are Some Good Ways to Get Publishers Interested in My Music?

BMI’s Creative teams are back in The Weekly providing tips to help readers navigate the industry. Read more

What’s Expected of a Songwriter When it Comes to Recording Demos

In my previous articles, I’ve discussed what engineers, producers and demo singers should bring to the table in a recording session. Now it’s time to talk about what’s expected of the songwriter. Read more

What Are the Pitfalls to Avoid When Recording and Submitting a Demo?

BMI’s ‘On the Record’ is back again this month with another thought-provoking answer to one of our most frequently asked questions. The BMI Creative Team weighed in. Read more

3 Tips for Writing to a Title

I was recently asked the age-old question, the one songwriters are so often asked. “Which comes first, the words or the music?” Without skipping a beat, I responded, “The title. Read more

The Most Important Lines of Lyric

Of course, every line in a lyric is important, but are some more important than others? Let’s examine several lines that serve special, unique functions because of their locations within a lyric. These are lines that can propel a lyric from “good” to “wow.” Read more

The Role of the Producer in the Digital Age

When it comes to the job description of producers in today’s recording studio, the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same” comes to mind. While technological advances have made the studio a significantly more streamlined and efficient place to work, the principles of what makes a good producer have stood the test of time. That said, let’s take a look at what the producer’s role is when it comes to songwriters and their demos in the current climate. Read more

How to Prepare for a Co-Writing Session

Seven years after moving to Los Angeles to become an overnight sensation, I had my first song recorded and it was slated to be a single. During a phone call, the producer of that song casually mentioned that he would like to write with me the next time I visited Nashville. I promptly booked a flight and hotel, maxing out my credit cards to do so. This was a huge opportunity because this producer had written six #1 country singles. I, on the other hand, had never set foot in Nashville, and although I had lots of pop songs under my belt, I had written a grand total of one country song–the one that had been recorded. Read more

What’s Holding Your Song Back?

There are times our songs come to us easily. They feel good as we’re writing them, people respond when we perform them and the demos practically jump out of the speakers. There are other times, however, when things just don’t seem to quite come together. To help you troubleshoot what may be holding your song back, I’ve put together a checklist to help you determine whether it needs a re-write, a new demo or possibly both. Read more

What Makes a Song Sound Current Versus Dated?

Successful songwriters are at the top of the list when it comes to setting new trends. But trying to chase trends isn’t what will make your music stand out. BMI’s Creative Team weighs in on what will work. Read more

Tips for Writing the Next Big Thing

At least ninety percent of the songs I critique at my songwriting workshops are perfectly crafted. They fit into one of the typical song forms (i.e., Verse—Chorus—Verse—Chorus—Bridge—Chorus), they include rhymes in the expected places, lyrics that are well-written, and melodies that do what melodies are supposed to do. So, what’s the problem with that? The problem is that several of the publishers to whom I forward the strongest workshop songs have specifically instructed me, “Don’t send me songs that sound like what is already on the radio or songs that my staff-writers could have written. Read more

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