BMI Latin Spotlight: Ana Mancebo

Posted in News on April 19, 2022

Ana Mancebo is a Madrid-born indie artist currently based in Miami. Known for her exciting and versatile sound that combines R&B, dancehall, and pop with both Spanish and English lyrics, she has released fan favorites like “POCO @ POCO,” “Me Quiere No Me Quiere,” and “NACÍ PARA BRILLAR.” In addition to her own work as a headlining artist, Mancebo is an accomplished songwriter who has written for Lola Indigo, Kat Dahlia, Lucy Vives, Chicocurlyhead, and more.

Ana Mancebo es una artista indie nacida en Madrid y radicada en Miami. Conocida por su sonido emocionante y versátil que combina el R&B, dancehall y pop con letras en inglés y español, ha sacado las populares “POCO @ POCO”, “Me quiere no me quiere” y “NACÍ PARA BRILLAR”. Además de su propio trabajo como artista titular, Mancebo es una compositora consumada con creaciones para Lola Indigo, Kat Dahlia, Lucy Vives, Chicocurlyhead y otros.

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