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How does BMI split royalties between songwriters/composers and publishers?

Does BMI offer direct deposit?

How does BMI pay royalties?

What is the difference between performing right royalties, mechanical royalties and sync royalties?

What do I do if my song is being played on radio, TV or the Internet?

Do I need to inform BMI when my songs are played on the radio?

What happens to royalty payments when a writer or publisher dies?

I got a letter from BMI about uncashed checks, what do I do?

I found an old check. Can it still be deposited?

A distribution check was issued to my account but I still have not received it. What can I do?

My song has recently received radio airplay. When will I receive my performance royalties?

Is the direct deposit payment method available to non US- residents?

I am a BMI affiliate. I have entered into a sub-publishing deal for representation in foreign countries. How does it work?

Does BMI monitor my performances overseas?

I am a BMI writer or composer. How does BMI collect my foreign performance royalties?

I am a BMI writer or composer. My music is being released overseas. What do I have to do to receive my royalties?

I am a BMI writer or composer. A friend heard my music on the radio in another country. How come I haven’t received my performance royalties?

I am a BMI writer or composer and I am receiving performances in foreign countries. How long will it take to receive my royalties?

Why does it take so long to receive my foreign performance royalties?

I am touring in a foreign country. I heard I can receive performance royalties from these countries. Is this true?

I composed music for a film overseas. Is it true that I get performance royalties for performances in cinemas? What do I have to do?

I arranged a Public Domain classical work. Will I get paid for its performance?

Does BMI pay performance royalties on remixes?

Why haven’t I received any royalties?

What are accruals and why do I have an Accrual Report?

I have an Accrual Report. When will I receive my royalties?

I have an Accrual Report. Why did I not receive a payment?

Where is my Accrual Report from last quarter?

I see Cable Retransmission Programs or Additional Revenue reported on my Accrual Report. What does this mean?

How does BMI handle a Work for Hire?

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