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« Back to FAQs Why haven’t I received any royalties?

BMI licenses many marketplaces and there are several potential answers to this question. However, there are three common reasons you may not have received royalties for certain performances, and those are distribution timelines, works registration status, and distribution thresholds.

BMI’s royalty distributions typically cover performance activity that has taken place 6 to 8 months in the past, so please ensure your inquiry falls within this timeframe. Also, please ensure you are inquiring about a song that you have registered with BMI. You can register works through your Online Services account. Once logged into your account, you will find additional information on how to register. Finally, please note that BMI issues royalty payments above certain threshold that vary depending on payment method. For physical checks and international wires, the threshold is $250 dollars. For domestic direct deposit or Payoneer, the threshold is $2.

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