About Live Performances Overseas

Most foreign countries will license and distribute royalties on any non-dramatic live performance. While you are touring in a foreign country, you will most likely be asked to complete a form with information about you as a songwriter and the performed works. The organizer of the event is usually required to pay a fee to the international rights society. It is to your benefit to complete these forms as they are given, by the organizer of the event, to the foreign rights society in the territory where the performance occurred. If a form is not provided, you should speak to the organizer of the event.

To ensure these royalties are collected and distributed, BMI also asks you to complete an International Live Performance Notification form for smaller tours. Alternatively, a spreadsheet version of this form is available for larger tours. BMI sends the information on the form to the appropriate performing rights society to make certain your works are properly documented.

Note: You do not need to fill out these reports for television or radio broadcasts overseas.

Complete each report by providing the name of the venue, concert date, and a listing of the works performed. All BMI works listed must be registered. Otherwise, we will be unable to provide the proper documentation to the foreign societies.

If the same works are performed for each concert, one listing will be sufficient. Be sure to indicate the writer(s) of each work. It is also important to indicate the promoter of the event to aid in the collection of royalties.

Be sure to include documentation of the performances i.e.: a program, ticket stub, etc. Kindly forward the completed report (s) to the International Administration Department.

Keep in mind, the rules, regulations and policies of each society differ in each country and not all live performances will be eligible for performance royalties.