What’s the Relationship Between Music and Lyrics?

Posted in The Weekly on February 19, 2018

BMI’s Creative teams have watched songwriters progress from the start of their careers through their many successes. Now these industry leaders are sharing their experience in The Weekly to help even more writers navigate the industry. This week’s focus is:

How do you see the relationship between melody and lyrics? Is one more important than the other or are they equal?

Wardell Malloy, BMI Creative, Los Angeles:

The relationship between melody and lyrics go hand in hand. They each serve an important purpose. While the lyrics tell the actual story, the melody is what catches your ear first. People will usually hum the melody without knowing any of the lyrics. Melody can also convey emotions…the feeling of being happy or sad. It sets the tone for the song. Adding lyrics, along with strong conviction from the artist, makes the song complete.

Bradley Collins, BMI Creative, Nashville:

The most performed songs at BMI have very simple melodies and lyrics. The relationship between the two musical elements are integrated. Lyrics need melody to convey emotion. Melody needs lyrics to tell the story. A simple melody with strong lyrics is a key component to popular songwriting.

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