Three Goals to Keep in Mind For Aspiring Songwriters in The New Year

Posted in The Weekly on December 10, 2019

As aspiring songwriters look toward the New Year, many make goals they’d like to hit in their careers before next year rolls around. In this On the Record, we asked Jody Williams, Vice President, Creative, Nashville, to weigh in with his advice on what to strive for. Here it is:

  • Stop listening to the radio for direction in your craft. That real estate has already been claimed.
  • Throw most of your energy towards the music you make that sounds like no one else. Then, refine it until it becomes your franchise.
  • Don’t forget whose shoulders you are standing on…Willie, Dolly, McDill, Kris. They set the bar. If you’re going to raise it, you’ve got to be willing to bet on your originality. People who will gravitate to your music will want to see the world through your unique lens. Don’t disappoint them!
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