SXSW Indie Spotlight: Drowners

Posted in News on March 10, 2016

Weaned on a steady diet of celebrated British bands like The Smiths and Echo & the Bunnymen, New York City’s Drowners – their moniker lifted from the title of Suede’s debut single – play a suitably anglophilic blend of hook-laden guitar rock (leant extra credibility by a Welsh ex-pat lead singer). Renowned for short songs and sharp looks, Drowners may proudly wear their influences on the stylishly battered sleeves of their black leather jackets, but the end results are nothing short of immediate, striking a perfect balance between indie pop jangle and post-punky fuzz. With one rapturously received eponymous album already under their belt and On Desire, its purportedly darker follow-up, slated for a June release, Drowners aren’t going under any time soon. See more about BMI at SXSW.

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