Indie Spotlight: The Mast

Posted in News on September 11, 2011

Brooklyn-based duo the Mast creates a propulsive and expansive sound featuring layered, undulating vocals, hypnotic electric guitar riffs, and polyrhythmic drumming. On their debut album, Wild Poppies (released June 2011), the seemingly eight-armed Matt Kilmer weaves a scintillating rhythmic tapestry with his hybrid drum set of frame drums, djembes, floor toms, and various cymbals. Haale’s interlocking guitar riffs and evocative vocals combine to create a sound that is at once danceable and deep, inventive and inviting, balancing wild abandon and focused control. While their sound is refreshingly unique, they give a nod to bands such as TV on the Radio, Tinariwen, PJ Harvey, and Blonde Redhead.

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