BMI Announces New Royalty Bonus for Most-Played Songs on Digital Services

Posted in News on September 18, 2015

In keeping with BMI’s mission to value music across all mediums, the Company is proud to announce a new valuation system it is implementing for the most-played songs on digital services. Beginning with today’s quarterly royalty distribution, the BMI songwriters and publishers of the top 20% of the most-played songs on Spotify and Rhapsody will receive a Streaming Hits Bonus.

For decades, BMI has distributed a similar bonus for the most-played songs on traditional radio. As the usage of BMI music continues to grow exponentially on digital platforms, this new bonus affords the Company the opportunity to reflect the increasing value of our affiliates’ music in the digital marketplace. Additionally, this allows BMI to recognize the successes of a deeper pool of songwriters and publishers who might not also receive radio bonuses. Throughout the year in future royalty distributions, BMI will be adding other streaming services into the calculations of this bonus.

As digital services continue to rely on your music as the core component of their business, BMI continues the fight to build a future where your creative work is fully and fairly valued.

For complete details on how BMI pays royalties, please see our Royalty Policy Manual.

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