BMI Indie Spotlight: Summer 2021

Posted in News on June 9, 2021
Pictured: Jean Dawson
Pictured: Jean Dawson

Summer is here! BMI is excited to reveal a brand-new look for this site alongside a fresh batch of Indie Spotlights, just in time for your backyard parties and fun-filled road trips. In this new edition, we’re bringing you Jean Dawson’s diverse dreamscape, Arden Jones rolling for snake eyes, and Paris Texas, a California duo who named themselves after a random town in Texas just because they wanted to. Bad Suns and their good music follow, and girlhouse goes from a pretty girl in L.A. to a “normcore barbi” in the heart of Music City. Kid Bloom and Inner Wave are up next on our list, followed by the irresistible Kinneret and the NorCal “whoboy,” Danny Shell. Rounding out this edition are Huron John’s boundless creativity, Mother Mother’s view from the Inside, and Bexley’s “sick” sounds.

Check out our artist bios to learn more about their journeys and sounds here. And be sure to give our “Indie Spotlight: Summer 2021” Spotify playlist a listen to hear our selections from these 12 talented acts.


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