BMI Foundation Kicks Off Lennon Scholarship

Posted in News on January 2, 2000
$15,000 in Prizes to be Awarded

The BMI Foundation, Inc. has just kicked off the 3rd Annual John Lennon Scholarship open ONLY to 32 participating schools and youth orchestras chosen by the scholarship administrators. Established by Yoko Ono in conjunction with the Foundation and Gibson Musical Instruments, a first and second place winner will be awarded $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, for Best Song with Original Music and Lyrics. Berklee College of Music junior Anne Chandler received the Grand Prize of $10,000 last year for her song "Just For Tonight," and University of Arizona Outreach Choir student David Ragland was awarded $5,000 for his piece "I Don't Have the Blues."

Applicants chosen from the participating schools and youth orchestras must be between the ages of 15 and 24. The work must be a song with original lyrics and music and can be in any genre, from rock to jazz to opera. Each organization will submit one student's work to the BMI Foundation by March 1, 2000 and a distinguished panel of judges will choose a winner.

Founded in 1985 by BMI Senior Vice President Theodora Zavin, the BMI Foundation, Inc. offers grants which make possible the continuation and development of creative programs for the composition of new music and the performance of these new compositions. With the aid of the distinguished writers, composers and publishers who serve on the Foundation's Advisory Panel and the executive staff from BMI who serve as its officers, the Foundation's grants offer a platform of support that fosters the growth of young composers and ensures the continuation of the heritage of American musical ingenuity for generations to come.