Music Licensing for Music Licensing for Wineries

Countryside and wineries. What an amazing way to spend a day. And what better way to highlight the natural beauty of a vineyard than with music?

Today, in addition to tours and tastings, many wineries complement their wine selection with carefully chosen music, creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere for a complete and unique destination experience.

In order to help you create the memories inspired by music, BMI makes it easy to license the music played in your winery.

For music played in your tasting room or on-site restaurant simply download and complete a license for eating and drinking establishments. For music played outside on your winery grounds download and complete a license for venues. A BMI license gives you permission to publicly play or perform any piece of music in BMI’s repertoire of more than 13 million works.

But that’s not all. BMI signed agreements with the Virginia Wineries Association and Wine Institute that offer members potential savings and discounts on their BMI eating and drinking establishment license. Still have questions about music played in your winery? Contact us, we’d be happy to help.