Music Licensing for Hotels, Motels, and other Lodging Establishments

A message from AH&LA

While our industry is always evolving, AH&LA’s partnerships with our allied members who serve the lodging industry continue to create value and ensure a more positive business environment for the industry, members, and partner state associations. One of those members is BMI, which has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the association through which they provide members with the most simplified and cost effective program for licensing BMI music…plus a one percent AH&LA member discount. 

AH&LA is committed to supporting and accelerating the industry’s growth by providing the best resources for its members. This educational piece was created through cooperative efforts to address the industry’s most frequently asked questions regarding music licensing. I hope you find the information helpful. 

Joseph A. McInerney, CHA
President & CEO

Do you have questions about the use of music in your business? Please review the FAQ’s below or contact a BMI representative for additional assistance.

Common Questions

Q: Are There Discounts For Hotel/Motel Licenses Under The Agreement?

Q: What If My State Hotel/Motel Association Wants More Information On BMI?