BMI Member International Overview


As a member of BMI, your performing rights are represented throughout most of the world by virtue of reciprocal arrangements with other international rights societies. Here is a list of territories covered.

When you register a work with BMI, the appropriate copyright or collection information relevant to performing rights is posted on an International database. When a performance is logged overseas, the foreign rights organization is then able to identify your work.

Royalties collected by foreign societies are sent to BMI on your behalf and BMI distributes them to you. If you are a publisher affiliate of BMI, BMI is only entitled to collect performance royalties for works that have not been assigned to another publisher in the country where the performance occurred.

You should notify BMI if you either enter into an agreement with a publisher overseas or if your contract with a foreign publisher terminates.

Notification Forms

Send to International Administration Department via email, fax (615) 401-2759 or postal mail to the address below.

BMI International Administration
10 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203-4399

For additional information about the distribution of foreign royalties, please refer to the BMI Royalty Policy Manual.