Member Services

Direct Deposit of Royalties

Your royalty payments can be deposited directly to your checking or savings account. You can sign up online for direct deposit of your royalties, which provides you with quick access to your royalty payments without the worry of waiting for checks to arrive, cashing them or misplacing them. Sign up at the Online Services area of the website,

Electronic Transfer of Information

BMI encourages the use of electronic transfer of information related to work registrations, cue sheets, and affiliate receipt of royalty statements. The exchange of electronic information is based on established industry and specific BMI standards. Please contact your local Writer/Publisher Relations office for more information to participate in any of these services, or check for future developments.

BMI’s website,, contains many features that keep you posted on happenings in the music business, new BMI services, legislation that affects your royalties and copyrights, and other useful information. Songwriters, composers, and sole proprietorship publishers can access their song catalogues and royalty statements online.