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Using Chords and Modulations as Musical Hooks in Your Songs


From MusicWorld, posted 9.24.20 The chords we choose to accompany our melodies not only contribute to the flavor of our songs, they can provide some of those magical musical moments that make our songs hooky, exceptional, and unforgettable. To keep our listeners’ attention we need to include hooks, elements that are catchy and memorable,… Read more...

How to Write a Song That’s Fun to Listen to—and Fun to Sing


From MusicWorld, posted 7.19.18 When it was suggested I write about songs that are fun to sing, the jukebox in my brain instantly thought of “The Name Game” (recorded by Shirley Ellis, written by Lincoln Chase and Shirley Elliston). Anyone of a certain age remembers plugging his or her name into the… Read more...

BMI Jewels Make Up Majority of Rolling Stone’s Top 500


From News, posted 7.12.10 In its June issue, Rolling Stone magazine offered the latest version of its “500 Greatest Songs of All Time,” an update of its countdown originally released in 2004. Nuggets crafted by BMI songwriters overwhelmingly dominate the list: Standards from the BMI catalogue make up more than 60% of the classic… Read more...

Mike Love: Mike Love Interview - The 2010 BMI Film/TV Awards

Captured at 2010 BMI Film/TV Music Awards

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