Posted in MusicWorld on June 7, 2006

In today’s music world it’s becoming hard to find a band that takes an honest and original approach to rock ‘n roll. It has been a while since a new band has come along with music worth getting excited over. Working to change that are the four unknown band members from the Midwest that form the group Wintergreen.  

Writing complex, quality pop songs void of gimmicks and clichés, their sound is a balance of high energy and melancholy atmosphere.

Wintergreen recently teamed up with producer/mixer Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Keith Richards, My Morning Jacket, Fiona Apple, Travis), to put the final touches on their debut EP. With their first release, “The Extended Play,” Wintergreen showcase refreshingly elaborate guitar work that puts them in the same league as Television and the Smiths. The vocals conjure sounds reminiscent of Elliot Smith and the Beatles, and are backed by a powerful rhythm section influenced by early 90s rockers like the Pixies and Fugazi. With a heartfelt sound that is truly timeless, original yet subtly familiar, every note is played with a passion that shakes listeners to their core.

The taste and talent demonstrated by this hard-working and humble band is giving people reasons to remain in love with music. Give it one listen and you’ll be hooked.