Warner Brothers Television Executives Visit BMI’s LA Office to Salute Retiring WB TV Vice President

Posted in News on May 20, 2016

BMI’s Distribution and Administration Services team met with executives from Warner Brothers Television at the Company’s Los Angeles office on Friday, May 13, to discuss industry events and to honor soon to be retiring and longtime friend of BMI, Gay DiFusco. Pictured (L-R back row): Brownwyn Savasta, Senior Vice President, Music, WB Television; Erin Okada, Manager, Music Licensing, WB Television; Raymond Rodriguez, BMI Director, Distribution & Administration Services; Alyson Vidoli, Director, Music Clearance, WB Television; Barbie Quinn, BMI Associate Director, Distribution & Administration Services; Alison Smith, BMI Senior Vice President, Operations, Distribution & Administration Services; and Arlysha Blake, BMI Senior Researcher, Distribution & Administration Services. (L-R front row): Robert Bejgrowicz, Administrator, Music Clearance & Licensing, WB Television; David Sibley, Director, Music, WB Television; Gay DiFusco, Vice President, Music Clearance & Licensing, WB Television; and Michael Crepezzi, BMI Executive Director, Distribution & Administration Services.

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