The Plebz Featured in BMI Podcast #3

Posted in MusicWorld on July 20, 2005

In a nutshell, The Plebz are all from Los Angeles in one form or another. Jason (a.k.a. Smugglez - guitar) and Jeremy (a.k.a. EzJaz - bass guitar) went to high school together and played in their first band together. Through a mutual friend, Jeremy came to play with Tyler (a.k.a. Ragz - vocals, keys). Jason soon followed. After a band re-organization, the lads were without a drummer.

Cut to a few days later. Jeremy is engineering a session at a local studio. Chris (a.k.a. Dizzy Stix - drums, percussion, totalitarianism) comes to mix another project at said studio. Chris hears what the other guys have been writing and offers to drum on the tracks. Shortly thereafter, writing sessions began in a laboratory off of Beverly Blvd. and The Plebz were born.

Pleb is short for plebeian, plebeian meaning of, or having characteristics of, the common people; i.e., the plebs are the common man. In this case, “The Plebz” because “z” is much cooler than “s” to indicate plurality. It is also a term of common usage in the UK to indicate the working class of lower stature, the everyday guy. Simply put, it’s a state of mind and perception.

Their music is an amalgamation of a punk rock mentality, fused with elements of funk and rock, and engrained with a focused melodic sensibility and appeal. Their live performances are unrivaled.

Since forming almost 16 months ago, The Plebz have collectively generated five albums worth of material, sold out their 4 week residency at Lava Lounge, played over 50 shows (including opening for Beck at the Knitting Factory and direct support for Palo Alto, Mooney Suzuki and other national acts) and have already begun to garner serious interest from major labels. Their success is inevitable; their energy palpable.

After attending one of the band’s Viper Room shows and hearing that The Plebz were heading into the studio, Marc Sovel of Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles, took it upon himself to download some demo tracks from the bands website and played them several weeks in a row on his “Check One, Two…” program which highlights local music. Marc also took the tracks to Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, who hosts “Jonesy’s Jukebox,” daily on Indie, and Jonesy played them on his program, warning the ladies to “watch out for this band.” Indie has continued to play the band on a regular basis.

The Plebz have just completed an EP with producer “The Glove.” The record was recorded and mixed by Joe Zook, and it looks like the mastering ears of Bob Ludwig will put the final glean on the songs. In addition, The Plebz filmed a music video to accompany the EP for “Lights, Camera, Action…” The video was directed by Seth Gordon (“New York Doll,” Sundance Selection 2005, Dixie Chicks DVD/EPK). The director of photography, Romeo Tirone, has done videos for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, and Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few.

“Lights…” will also be featured in an upcoming indie film, Little Athens. The film is debuting at CineVegas, the annual Las Vegas film festival that proudly debuted Napoleon Dynamite.

The Plebz website launched in June 2004 boasting 12,000 hits its first month, climbing to 50,000 hits in May 2005, with 1500 unique daily visitors.

The Plebz are featured in BMI’s Podcast #3.  See it hear first.


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