MusicWorld Vol. 13, 6.12: Songwriter News, Q&A’s, Advice & more

Posted in News on June 25, 2012

Check out the new issue of BMI MusicWorld, featuring advice and insight including…

Important stories for working songwriters: An NPR intern and musician/professor spark a lively debate about compensating artists and songwriters; young listeners choose streaming over buying; a Kickstarter exec offers tips for artist self-promotion; plus much more…

Phil Madeira: “I think the essence of a good song is gonna come out of paying attention to who you are.”

Elle Varner: “I think a mentor – someone you can look up to or someone who can help you through – is one of the most important things.”

Ludwig Göransson: “Focus on yourself and try to find you own sound. It’s hard to find your own sound and style when you’re young.”

Gabriel Aldort: “Your intention as a performer has to come from a pure place. If you’re not doing it for the right reasons, people sniff out the insincerity of your performance.”

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