MusicWorld: Skylar Grey, Anthony Hamilton, Sundance & More

Posted in News on January 18, 2012

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Anthony Hamilton: “This new album came in sections. I was in a space where I wanted to change it up a bit. I was in a moving mood; I wanted to feel like it was traveling.”

Skylar Grey: “I don’t go out and specifically take a song and say, ‘I wanna do something like this’—because that never worked. For me, writing a song is a really specific emotion.”

“Modular” Recording: “For us studio mortals lucky enough to own the kind of basic sound-manipulation tools that would have made Brian Wilson’s job so much easier back then, SMiLE demonstrates the infinite possibilities of crafting whole songs using musical modules, rather than in a single gulp.”

Kirk Franklin: “Franklin has almost always done his songwriting solo, though this statement calls for some qualification. He’s often described himself as receiving divine inspiration.”

We also preview Sundance 2012 via interviews with composers Peter Golub, Ryan Beveridge, Kathryn Bostic and T. Griffin; catch up with Dutch dance-pop sensation Eva Simons; and debut Songwriter Business News, a monthly collection of good reads and helpful videos published elsewhere, compiled by the MusicWorld staff.

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