Miami’s ‘Music Musica’ Exhibit Gets BMI Support

Posted in News on December 8, 2008

BMI and the Miami Science Museum hosted three days of music celebrating the opening of the museum’s newest exhibition, “Music Música,” on October 22-25. “Music Musica” is a combination of two exhibits – “American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music” and “Music: Access All Areas” – that showcase music from cultural and scientific perspectives. BMI and the Miami Science Museum produced three unique concert events showcasing diverse, Miami-based songwriters including Albita, Pitbull, Enrique Hidalgo y Botija, Brendan Ohara, Origen, Sito, Alih Jey, Javier Garcia, Tatiana Klauss, Nestor Torres and Ed Calle.

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Shown during the showcase events of Music Musica are:

photo Songwriter/flutist Nestor Torres and Songwriter/saxophonist Ed Calle performing during the private preview of ‘Music Musica’
photo Songwriter Ed Calle, singer/songwriter Catalina Naranjo, songwriter Nestor Torres, and BMI’s Jake Cavazos
photo Singer/songwriter Pitbull performing during the celebrity premiere
photo BMI’s Jake Cavazos and Pitbull on the red carpet
photo Singer/songwriter Albita Rodriguez performing during the celebrity premiere
photo Singer/songwriter Alih Jey and BMI’s Jake Cavazos
photo Bassist Juan Giron, singer/songwriter Javier Garcia, BMI’s Jake Cavazos, and drummer Papa Bear after performing during the Public Opening
photo Origen performance during the public opening – guitarist Hector Velasquez, singer/songwriter “Mirs” Maria Isabel Rueda, singer/songwriter bassist Ruben Martinez, and drummer Antonio Cuoto
photo BMI’s Jake Cavazos and singer/songwriter Tatiana Klauss
photo Singer/songwriter Sito and BMI’s Jake Cavazos


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