Jim Beavers Celebrates First No. 1 at BMI

Posted in News on March 17, 2008

BMI helped songwriter Jim Beavers toast his first no. 1 hit, "Watching Airplanes," Thursday, March 6 amidst a crowd of friends, peers and family. Recorded and co-produced by Bakersfield country-cool artist Gary Allan, co-written by Jonathan Singleton and co-produced by Mark Wright, the wistful tune resonated with a broad spectrum of listeners. A former industry executive and university professor, Beavers is currently enjoying a surge of creative success: he penned chart-climber "Trying to Stop Your Leaving," recorded by Dierks Bentley, along with Brad Paisley's "Mr. Policeman."

Jim Beavers is the younger brother of contemporarily prolific producer, songwriter and musician Brett Beavers. "I'm not sure, but I believe I'm a bit younger than you were when you scored your first no. 1, Brett," Beavers quipped, "By about 19 days. Not that I'm counting, or anything."

Photos by John Russell