Indie Spotlight: Julie Mintz

Posted in News on April 21, 2015

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, and based out of Los Angeles, Julie Mintz doesn’t just do folk music. She makes gothic Americana, or what she describes as “a country-infused take on folk that’s both sweetly ethereal and steeped in moody melancholy.” After years of performing with Moby both as a vocalist and a keyboardist, Julie is making her mark as a solo artist with a graceful grasp on melody and penchant for poetic yet piercing lyricism (it should come as no surprise that Joni Mitchell is one of her biggest songwriting influences). Her debut EP, The Thin Veil, arrives May 5, with lush, atmospheric production from Moby and engineering by Darrell Thorp (Beck’s GRAMMY-winning Morning Phase). Largely inspired by her bout with insomnia and fueled by her creative spirit, The Thin Veil is a sort of cathartic experience, both for herself and the listener. “Songwriting lets me tell the darker stories about myself through melody and through lyrics that people can interpret in the way that means the most to them,” she says. “It’s a vehicle to express and work through my neuroses, so that it all goes down easier.”

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