Indie Spotlight: Clairity

Posted in News on March 10, 2015

With a debut EP on the way, 2015 is going to be Clairity’s year. Claire Rachel Wilkinson’s hard work, beginning with self-guided keyboard lessons on YouTube, set off an incredible chain of events, including praise from songwriter Pebe Sebert and writing sessions with Ke$ha. An independent A&R scout passed her music to songwriter/producer/music industry executive Kara DioGuardi, who talked to LAVA Records C.E.O and founder, Jason Flom, which culminated in a signing with the label. Clairity’s witty and sharp electronic pop tunes and upbeat conversation-starter songs, urging her audience to be unabashed in their oddities. “I want to validate everyone’s emotions,” she declares. “There’s no reason to feel awkward. Be who you are…” By embracing her unique emotions and pouring them into her writing, Clairity is sure to stand out in a crowd.

See more info on BMI at SXSW 2015

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