Indie Spotlight: Low Hum

Posted in News on September 12, 2019

Growing up in Hawaii, Collin Desha picked up the state’s trademark ukulele at age 12. It changed everything, transforming him from a self-proclaimed “surf punk kid” to an introspective and inquisitive musician who had found his life’s calling. Arriving in Los Angeles as a wide-eyed 17-year-old, he absorbed everything he could, finding inspiration in films by Alfonso Cuarón and Stanley Kubrick and applying that sense of wonderment to his own craft. His stage name was inspired by his LA peers who controlled their own creative process, and he set up a home studio with the intent to make music with no creative boundaries. After striking up a creative partnership with fellow LA transplant, Jules De Gasperis, Low Hum’s first EP was born. Full of haunting vocals and psychedelic arrangements a la Tame Impala, it gave way to the creation of his forthcoming full-length effort, Room to Breathe. Its first single, “Strange Love,” was inspired by Dr. Strangelove, and “Crimson Cardinal” is a powerful meditation on death, depression, and loss. Operating on his own wavelength, Low Hum is excited about the future. As he says, “there’s a lot to share.”

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