Indie Spotlight: AJR

Posted in News on May 5, 2017

An indie-pop band of brothers with an Ivy League pedigree, AJR stands for Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, a Columbia University alum, junior and freshman, they’re packing rooms across the country with their contagious energy and irresistible tracks. They got their start a decade ago busking in the streets of New York City, although, these days, you’re more likely to catch them performing as an opening band for Demi Lovato or Train, appearing on the TODAY show or even playing at the White House. While the three Met brothers grew up listening to The Beach Boys and Frankie Valli, their music also weaves in current influences like Imagine Dragons and Kanye West. If their songs sound homespun and noticeably free of slick production tricks, that’s because they are. AJR records everything in the brothers’ Manhattan living room, using, in their words, “Pro Tools and a $99 microphone.” Their single, “Weak,” off their five-song EP What Everyone’s Thinking, was anything but: It earned 123 million streams on Spotify and reached the Top 30 in more than 25 countries. Although the last EP sold out quickly, fans will be pleased to learn that a full-length album will drop in June, with more summer dates to follow in cities like San Diego, New York and Seattle. In the meantime, AJR can also be heard on “Celebrate,” a new collaboration with Ingrid Michaelson that recently made its Spotify debut.


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