BMI Employees Encouraged to Volunteer in Recovery Efforts

Posted in News on May 21, 2010

BMI has announced that employees who wish to volunteer in flood recovery efforts will be paid for a day’s work while they get out and get their hands dirty. Over the next two months, staffers are being encouraged to help BMI co-workers, neighbors and the city by taking one work day to assist individuals who have been hit hard by this month’s devastating floods in Middle Tennessee.

BMI is also communicating up-to-date information on the best routes for employees to contribute financially to rebuilding Nashville and surrounding areas.

Additionally, BMI realizes many of its own employees have been affected by the disaster. The company’s extensive staff-support efforts include orchestrating an in-house Q&A with a FEMA representative, as well as compiling key FEMA releases and documents for those needing to apply for government aid.

BMI will remain committed to supporting employees and the community throughout the region’s recovery process.