BMI Celebrates The Craft Of Filmmaking

Posted in News on March 22, 2008

BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross hosted her annual filmmaker’s dinner in conjunction with the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. The dinner held March 9 at Manuel’s, gave filmmakers, producers, directors and composers the chance to mix and mingle amid those who share their craft.

photo Nina Seavey, Doreen Ringer Ross, John Califra Matador

photo Anne Cecere, Bela Fleck, Doreen Ringer Ross, and Sascha Paladino, director of the film “Throw Down Your Heart”

photo Ted Cohen, Doreen Ringer Ross, Musician Michael Des Barres

photo Filmmakers Jennifer Phan, Alan Chan, Christine Walker, Scott Macaulay, Georgina Lightning, Amy Dotson, DRR Alex Karpovsky (Woodpecker).

photo Top Row: Composer Alex Wurman, Doreen Ringer Ross , Jody (Lambert Of All the Things). Bottom Row: Laurent Retjo Woodstock Film Festival, Dennis Lambert, Ron Mann

photo Musician Richard Thompson, Doreen Ringer Ross, Musician Michael Des Barres