BMI Brings International Talent to Kingston Songwriter Camp

Posted in News on March 23, 2011
Oceana records a new track during BMI’s Kingston Songwriter Camp.
Oceana records a new track during BMI’s Kingston Songwriter Camp.

BMI orchestrated the Kingston Songwriter Camp February 14 through 21 in Jamaica’s capital city. Held at Anchor Studios, the retreat drew BMI songwriters from Great Britain, Germany, Japan, the United States, and host country Jamaica, for a week of collaborative music making. Nordia Witter, I-Noble, and Dizzle came from Jamaica; Reggie Saunderson made the trip from Atlanta; Tony Grund traveled from New York City; David Rosenwald, Toby Spill, and Christina Grand are based in Florida; Andrew T. Mackay (PRS), Matt Backer, and Garry Hughes (PRS) flew in from the U.K.; Ryoko traveled from Japan; and Oceana (GEMA) proudly represented Germany.

“Kingston provided the ideal setting for the event because music makes the island go round,” said Brandon Bakshi, BMI Executive Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, Europe & Asia. “It is the perfect location for BMI writers from all over the world to come together. The studios there are second to none, and it is just truly an inspiring place to be creative.”

The international cross-section of songwriters wrote, recorded, and explored one another’s creativity. At the end of the week, the participants emerged with four future hits, ready for the ears of labels and music supervisors around the world.