BMI Indie Spotlight: Winter 2021

Posted in News on January 26, 2021
Pictured: John the Blind
Pictured: John the Blind

A new year brings with it new inspiration, and in this edition of the Indie Spotlight, we’re highlighting nine incredible artists who have used their triumphs, struggles, and even their quarantines to deliver timely music that will leave us with a snapshot of this unique period of our lives. John the Blind helps us see the reality of isolation, Sherywn steps out as a star in his own right, Yaya Bey puts her journals to music, and Fly By Midnight delivers power pop anthems that make us dance solo in our bedrooms. Next up, we have CANNONS, whose “Fire on You” will keep us warm all winter, glaive, who saw new success in 2020, and Contradash, whose music is a testament to the importance of pursuing your dreams. Our list is rounded out by JayXander’s late night productions and the Backseat Lovers’ four-piece feelings. As always, we’re immensely proud of BMI’s Indie affiliates, and we invite you to learn more about each of our featured artists. Don’t forget to check out our latest Spotify playlist to hear selections from all nine acts!


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