BMI Indie Spotlight: Maddy Davis

Posted in News on September 15, 2022

Maddy Davis, a middle kid hailing from the suburbs of New Jersey, spent her teenage years throwing concerts in her mom’s basement with pockets full of round-trip NJ Transit ticket stubs. Now a self-taught vocalist, songwriter, and producer, Davis masters raw and empathic indie rock through a pop lens, bringing an addictive, nostalgic angst to the forefront of her storyline. Davis’ music explores everything from driving cross-country from Jersey to Los Angeles to nights out past curfew playing shows in NYC, and she allows her childlike spirit to immortalize on songs like “Can’t Do This Alone,” “Middle Kid,” and “Sally! I Met a Boy.” Her forthcoming EP, the six-track MUD, is due out this fall and connects back to her roots while acknowledging how many she still has to plant. In the meantime, she’s empowering her listeners to dream big, move fast, and not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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